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    Lowtec X-LOW Extreme Edition Coilovers 9.4

    Price:  From £1,091.99

    The series H9.4 with force adjustable damping units is our latest development. The large and well definable adjusting range is unique and of great benefit. Effective and customizable solutions will be possible with one system. The X-Low Extreme Edition 9.4 Coil-Overs are based on the HiLow 9.4 Coil-Overs. The front coil-overs will be shortened by 3cm compared to the HiLow 9.4 (the front of the car will be extremly low then!!) ‪ On the rear, the springs and shocks will be shortened by 45mm. Please note that the car might be then too low to be driven. With this setup your car can be lowered up to 110mm - 160mm. Contact us for the price.